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• the ironic death series

I'm fascinated by irony. Ironic deaths in particular. I'm evidently not the only one

This is an ongoing project, here’s the series so far. And provided I don’t ironically die in the process, I’ll add “drowning in the fountain of youth”, “trampled by fans” and “Amish electrocution” (sketches below)  Feel free to suggest more.

seatbelt distraction

choking on a lifesaver

Yes, choking on Life Savers does happen. As for deaths, I can't really say. But they do say that the inventor of the Life Saver had a daughter who choked and died, and he designed the hole in them to prevent that. None of that is true. BUT, a child of the inventor did die tragically, it was a son, and he took his own life at 32 by leaping from the stern of the liner Orizaba while it traversed the Caribbean Sea. Where's a Life Saver when you need one?

hit and run by an ambulance

drowning in the fountain of youth (work in progress)

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