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• about that fossil fuel


"Fossil Fuel — The Extinction of Oil"

I love working on green images. I like to use my superpowers for good. This shot, entitled Fossil Fuel, predicts the death of petroleum as we move toward alternative energy sources. That, sadly, is gonna take a while. 

Right now, only ten percent of our consumption is renewable energy

I shot the environment at Lake el Mirage, a couple of hours north of Los Angeles. Then I created the dinosaur pumpjacks (yup, that’s what they’re called) in modo. The lighting for the dinos was created in modo. I like to shoot the background first, then match the CG subject lighting. It’s the easier way to go about it. It’s way harder to shoot a subject first, and then trying to get nature to match the light for you. Anyway, modo is well known for beautiful renders, so the choice of CG app was easy.


Nick Koudis