Private commissions are customized artworks created specifically for you. They can reflect your life, your passions, your home or family, Typically, I work on concepts with the collector or designer, and the end product is nothing short of unique. 



The process involves collaborating on concepts and mood and style. We will work together to decide on the scope of the work. This can include details like concepts or color palettes. Often clients refer to past works for inspiration and this forms part of the brief. This is where the creative collaboration occurs. From this discussion I will create between 2 - 5 sketches to choose from. Once a direction is approved and a deposit of 50% is made, the creative process begins

We then decide on hanging locations and I create pre-vis mockups using images of the walls.  

Shooting image assets then begins and can take days to collect. Then the image assembly begins, and the finals are approved by you and sent to the museum printer. 

A great place to start is to contact me via email. We can then set up a phone conversation or a visit. We will discuss details about what you are looking for and what I can deliver. You can confirm at that point if you would like to move forward.


I can be flexible depending on my current schedule. I have traveled for previous installations, I have created over thirty custom pieces in over ten sites. 

For more information, Use the INQUIRY FORM to start a discussion, or email me directly or have a look at this Miami case study on the blog.