We're currently offering a special on our most popular prints.   Most of the prints in the shop are made to order, but we're offering a fixed size, ready to ship, 16" x 12" limited edition at an incredible price reduction. 

Octopus Untied, Number 1

An arresting graphic image sure to capture anyone who gets close enough. Captured on medium format Fuji Color film, and high-res raw-scanned for incredible detail in black and white.


Octopus Untied, Number 1
from 200.00

Octopus Untied, Number 1   1999, Signed Limited Edition of 20

Live Octopus on acrylic sheet, Fujifilm. This striking geometric image reaches out and grabs attention. 

Signed Limited Edition of 20  16"x12" (30.5 cm x 40cm) A 2880 dpi Giclée Print on 13"x19" Epson Archival Matte paper.  Unframed shipping $15 US and Worldwide.

Framed option available. (shipping $50 Domestic, $80 Worldwide) Incredible shadowbox framing in Black or White. We'll contact you to discuss your framing choices. 


All Nite Dinah is Koudis' most defining work.  Commissioned by Fuji Film, Koudis designed and sculpted the set, illuminated buildings and roads, He then placed a painted live woman on set holding a sculpted hamburger "observation deck" aloft. 

Photographed on 4"x5" Fuji Film. 

All Nite Dinah Limited Edition Print
from 200.00

All Nite DInah
Mixed Media Scale Model Scene, with Painted Human as an American Kitch Roadside Diner. 1986

Signed Limited Edition of 20  16"x12" (30.5 cm x 40cm) A 2880 dpi Giclée Print on 13"x19" Epson Archival Matte paper.  Unframed Shipping $15 US  and Worldwide. Framed shipping 

Framed option available. Incredible shadowbox framing in Black or White. We'll contact to discuss your choices.



"After decades as the master of manipulation in advertising, the industry of artifice, Nick has repositioned himself as the usurper in the house of worship.

His visual double entendres are offered like counterfeit coins on the collection plate. With images that are ironic, wry and humorously dry, he dons a stupid grin approach to all the seriousness, superficiality and sadness of contemporary America. Contributing magazine gloss and hard sell to the tradition of social documentary, Koudis is slowly and progressively documenting the happily futile, the fog-headed, duped and dumbfounded in the land of Malibu Barbie and heavily armed serial killers, clinging as desperately to spray tans and to the 2nd amendment."

— Cassandra Lehman, Cassandra Lehman Gallery


Koudis' archival art prints are executed in stunning color and detail. Highly selective Nick chooses various high-end museum labs to accomplish these techniques:

1) Print Only. Fine art archival photography paper at very high resolution of 2880 dpi and shipped rolled. 

2) Framed. Framed and matted traditionally behind anti-reflective TruLife museum glass or acrylic. 

3) Metal Dye Sublimation. Printed directly on gloss white metal with incredible detail and contrast and durability. Metal prints are produced using an intensely vivid process in which the image is infused to the surface of the aluminum panels. 

4) Acrylic Mounts. Images are printed on glossy photo paper at 2880 dpi. The print is then face-mounted to TruLife Museum anti-reflection acrylic using an optically clear glue. Then the image is back-mounted with a metal composite material called dibond. The back of the dibond is braced with an aluminum back-frame that allows the work to be hung  The back frame is hidden behind the artwork and leaves the picture floating in front of the wall. This is the most modern look and has the highest level of contrast and clarity of all the options.

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Each image in my gallery can be made at any size for you, so pricing is done after we know your size and framing choices. In fact, I encourage you to send me a photo of your room and we can discuss the exact size and placement together. See the quote and order form here

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